About Christine

       Midwest born and raised you will most likely find me on my kayak in the summer or bundled up by the fireplace with a fresh cup of joe in the winter. I truly believe there is beauty in every season, both in our lives and in the world around us. I can fall short in putting that into practice but I do my best to call it to mind. That’s why I love photography. Because it helps me find that beauty. 

       People always say you can’t stop time and that’s true, so be fully invested in the moment that you’re in. But I’m a firm believer that while we can’t stop time we can freeze a moment and hold it in our hearts forever. The first time I held each of my nieces and nephews, falling madly in love. Singing my grandma into eternity with her Jesus. Standing by my best friend’s side as she said yes to forever with the love of her life. Hearing the heartbeat of my best friend’s baby for the first time. These are my moments. And I want to help you capture yours, so you will not only hold them in your hearts but hang them on your walls as everyday reminders of the overwhelming blessings that are yours. 

       My time is currently split between the States and Jerusalem Israel where I am studying for my masters. The smell of the spices in the market, the sound of children’s laughter on a quiet Shabbat afternoon, and the Arab tea offered to me as I wait for my food are just a few of my favorite things. Going from the country to the big city of the middle east has been a transition but I am learning something new every day. 

       I’m a type nine on the enneagram so I like simple things that look pretty. You’ll find me rearranging furniture far too often and focusing on the little touches that make things feel warm and homey. I’m also a lover of coffee and have a coffee station in my bedroom. Priorities. In my dreams I have a garden and chickens running free on my little farm. I also aspire to have two golden retrievers named Rick and Chip and a cat named Lazarus so I can say “Lazarus come forth.” (Please don’t steal my dreams. K? K). 

       More than anything I love Jesus Christ and know Him as my Lord and Savior, my only hope and my best friend. I know Him to be true and faithful and have watched Him show up in my life in major ways. He has been my only constant and all I do I do for His glory. I am far from perfect but thank the Lord He doesn’t expect me to be. But I will strive each day to grow more into the image of His Son and carry His name with truth and grace. 

       I cannot wait to meet you and to hear your story so I can help you tell it. I’m awkward so I’ve decided to own that- not much else to do with it! So if things like this make you feel awkward, you’re in good company. We can own it together!